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List of Product Abbreviation

Bubble Yum Chewing Gum BUB-YUM
Double Diamond Cigarette Tubes Tobacco Products D-D
Dutch Master Tobacco Products D/M
Good Sense Medicine Products G/S
Good Times Tobacco Products G/T
Garcia Vega Tobacco Products G/V
Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Chewing Gum Products BUB-TAPE
Long Horn Tobacco Products L/H
Minute Maid Juice Products MIN-MAID
Now & Later Candy Products N & L
Nabisco Cookies Products NAB
Phillies Tobacco Products (Phillies Cigarette Cigar Starts With Phillies) P/H
All hanging bag candies (E.G M&M, Snicker, Skittles, Milkyway…. ETC) PEG BAG
Swisher Sweet Tobacco Products S/W
Timber Wolf Tobacco Products T/W
Tropicana Juice 10 Oz TROP 10 OZ
Tropicana Juice 15.2 Oz TROP 15.2 OZ
Tropicana Juice 32 Oz TROP 32 OZ
White Owl Tobacco Products W/O

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